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The Valedictory

MEGA Mother Of An

Advent Calendar Music Quiz


Who's That Girl?, Ladies Night??, This Woman's Work???...

A Wimin's Music Quiz That Goes On And On...


        2 Y 3        
      4 Y 5 Y 6      
    7 Y 8 Y 9 Y 10    
  11 Y 12 Y 13 Y 14 Y 15  
16 Y 17 Y 18 Y 19 Y 20 Y 21


Three pieces of music performed by women (or groups with female vocalists) each day till Xmas.

Just like a real Advent Calendar, you can open one each day throughout December

or gorge yourself with all of them today and have nothing left to treat yourself with until Santa comes!!!

2 points for the Name of the Track, 2 points for the Performer/Group

No cheating by using Shazam or Soundhound!!!