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German & Swiss Route Collections

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Switzerland: Via Francigena:

Sainte Croix-Orbe-Lausanne-Montreux-Martigny-San Bernardo



Switzerland: Via Jacobi: Southern Swiss Jakobsweg:




Switzerland: Schwabenweg: Northern Swiss Jakobsweg:




Switzerland: St Gallerweg: Eastern Swiss Jakobsweg:




Germany: Oberschwäbischer Jakobsweg:

Southern German Jakobsweg: Ulm-Konstanz



Germany: Fränkisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg:

Lower Central German Jakobsweg: Würzburg-Ulm



Germany: Unterfränkischer Jakobsweg:

Upper Central German Jakobsweg: Fulda-Würzburg



Germany: Via Regia & Fuldaerland Jakobsweg:

North-Eastern German Jakobsweg: Leipzig-Vacha-Fulda



Germany: Leipzigerweg:

Berlin - Lutherstadt Wittenberg - Leipzig



Germany: Münchner Jakobsweg: