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Spanish and Catalan Routes
Camino Francés Camino de Baztan Cami de Sant Jaume [Barcelona Section]

Camino del Norte/Camino de la Costa

Camino Sanabrés

Cami de Sant Jaume [Girona Section]

Camino Inglés

Camino de Invierno/Camino Sur

Cami de Sant Jaume [Montserrat Section]

Camino a Finisterre/Muxia

Camino Manchego

Cami de Sant Jaume [Tarragona Section]

Camino Viejo/Camino Olvidado

Camino de Madrid Cami de Sant Jaume - Camino Aragonés Link

Camino Primitivo

Camino Mozárabe (from Granada or Jaén)

Ruta del Cister: GR 175

Camino del Salvador

Camino Mozárabe (from Almería) Camino del Santo Grial/The Holy Grail Trail

Camino Vasco Interior/Ruta del Túnel

Camino Mozárabe (from Malaga) Camino Aragonés

Camino Vadiniense

Ruta de la Lana

Ruta del Ebro

Camino Ignaciano

Via de la Plata

Camino de Levante
Camino Torres Camino del Sur Via Verde de Ojos Negros - Via Xurra

[Alternatively, choose the Spanish and Catalan routes from a map HERE.]

French Routes

Via Normande

Via Bretonne: GR 39/GR 3

Via Ligerienne

Via Meridienne: GR 36

Chemin de la Manche

Via Francigena: NW France GR 655 [North] Via Turonensis: GR 655 [West]

Via Turonensis: GR 655 [South]

Via Francigena: NE France Via Turonensis: GR 655 [East]

Via Gebennensis: GR 65

Via Podiensis [North]: GR 65

Via Podiensis [West]: GR 652

Via Podiensis [South]: GR 65

Via Podiensis [East]: GR 65

Chemin de Chablis: Via Francigena-

Via Lemovicensis Link: GR 654

Via Lemovicensis [East]: GR 654 E

Via Tolosana:

Voie d'Arles [West]: GR 653

GRP Cœur de Gascogne

Via Lemovicensis [North]: GR 654

Via Lemovicensis [West]: GR 654 O

Via Aurelia [French Riviera]:

Voie d'Arles [East]: GR 653A

GR 5:

E2 Long Distance Path [France]

Via Campaniensis Champagne Way    

[Alternatively, choose the French routes from a map HERE.]

GB Routes
Pilgrims Trail Pilgrims Way South Downs Way: Circular Walks Pennine Way
Angles Way Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Path Weavers' & Wherryman's Ways Heart of England Way
E2 [Scotland] E2 [England] Northern Link E2 [England] Southern Link Oxbridge Varsity Link
Downs Link West Sussex Literary Trail Monarch's Way Bridge to Norwich

[Alternatively, choose the GB routes from a map HERE.]

German, Swiss and Italian Routes
Oberschwäbischer Jakobsweg Via Regia-Fuldaerland Jakobsweg Via Aurelia [Italian Riviera] Via Jacobi
Fränkisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg Leipzigerweg Via Francigena [Piedmont] Schwabenweg
Unterfränkischer Jakobsweg Münchner Jakobsweg Via Francigena [Lombardy] St Gallerweg
    Via Francigena [Emilia-Romagna] Via Francigena [CH]
    Via Francigena [Tuscany]  
    Via Francigena [Lazio]  

[Alternatively, choose the German, Swiss and Italian routes from a map HERE.]

Portuguese Routes

Caminho de Fátima

Caminho Portugués

Caminho da Costa

[Alternatively, choose the Portuguese routes from a map HERE.]

Belgium and Luxembourg Routes

GR5A: E2 Long Distance Path [Bel]

GR5: E2 Long Distance Path [Bel]

GR5: E2 Long Distance Path [Lux]

[Alternatively, choose the Luxembourg routes from a map HERE.]


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The GPS route stages for these caminos are optimised for Viewranger 1:25,000 scale maps and are generally accurate to c. 30m.

These routes allow you to download the minimum number of

Viewranger Fr-IGN, Sp-IGN, BKG or GB-OS map tiles needed to navigate your camino effectively.

They can also be used with free mapping systems such as Bing Aerial, OpenStreetMap, Google Streets, etc.

and can be converted automatically into .gpx files for use with almost any GPS/Digital Mapping systems or equipment.

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Part of the following ViewRanger route collections:


Spain: Vias, Rutas and Caminos


01)  Camino Frances Stages 1-30 [+ 2 variants]                                     Total distance c. 765.5 km + 47.7 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0001-0030, 0073, 0102

02)  Camino del Norte / Camino de la Costa Stages 1-33 [+ 3 variants] Total distance c. 779.2 km + 109.9 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0051-0086, 0099, 0100, 0101

03)  Camino Ingles Stages 1-4 [+ 1 variant]                                            Total distance c. 115.5 km + 31.3 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0040-0044

04)  Camino Aragones Stages 1-8 [+ 2 variants]                                    Total distance c. 233.2 km + 86.6 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0031-0039, 0050, 0087

05)  Camino a Finisterre/Muxia Stages 1-5                                             Total distance c. 146.7 km

       Short Codes:  CdsCF0045-0048

06)  Camino Primitivo Stages 1-11                                                         Total distance c. 257.2 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0088-0098

07)  Camino del Salvador Stages 1-4                                                     Total distance c. 114.7 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0103-0106

08)  Camino Vasco Interior / Ruta del Tunel Stages 1-8 [+ 3 variants]   Total distance c. 211.0 km + 103.4 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0107-0117

09)  Camino Mozarabe Stages 1-14                                                       Total distance c. 404.0 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0161-0174

10)  Via de la Plata Stages 1-29                                                             Total distance c. 734.6 km

       Short Codes:  CdSCF0131-160

11)  Camino de Madrid Stages 1-12                                                       Total distance c. 314.6 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0175-0186

12)  Ruta de la Lana Stages 1-24                                                           Total distance c. 685.3 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0187-0210

13)  Camino de Levante Stages 1-27                                                     Total distance c. 790.4 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0211-0237

14)  Camino Sanabres Stages 1-13                                                        Total distance c. 366.5 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0272-0284

15)  Camino del Santo Grial Stages 1-16 [+3 variants]                           Total distance c. 479.3 km + 75.4 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0301-0321

16)  Via Verde de Ojos Negros/Via Xurra Stages 1-6                             Total distance c. 247.9 km

       Short Codes CdSCF0306,0308,0322-0325

17)  Camino Viejo / Camino Olvidado Stages 1-18                                Total distance c. 466.3 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0326-0343

18)  Camino Vadiniense Stages 1-9                                                       Total distance c. 223.1 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0344-0352

19)  Camino Invierno / Camino Sur Stages 1-8                                      Total distance c. 218.6 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0353-0360

20)  Camino de Baztan Stages 1-5                                                         Total distance c. 108.2 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0394-0398

21)  Camino del Sur Stages 1-7                                                             Total distance c. 190.6 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0446-0452

22)  Camino to Camino Links Collection                                                 Total distance c. 154.5 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0494-0497, CdSCF0545

23)  Camino Ignaciano Stages 1-24 [+3 variants]                                   Total distance c. 750.0 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0813-818, 0008, 0262-0255, 0248-0241, 0300 and/or 0240-0238

24)  Camino Manchego Stages 1-5 [+ 1 variant]                                    Total distance c. 134.8 km + 50.4 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0957-0962



Catalunya: Cami de Sant Jaume


01)  Cami de Sant Jaume [Barcelona-Montserrat] Stgs 1-3                    Total distance c. 66.3 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0238-0240

02)  Cami de Sant Jaume [Montserrat-Lleida-Pina de Ebro] Stgs 1-8    Total distance c. 248.2 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0241-0248

03)  Cami de Sant Jaume [Tarragona-Lleida] Stgs 1-6                           Total distance c. 145.3 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0249-0254

04)  Cami de Sant Jaume [La Jonquera-Girona-Montserrat] Stgs 1-9    Total distance c. 241.0 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0292-0300

05)  Cami de Sant Jaume – Camino Aragones Link                               Total distance c. 231.3 km

       [Tarrega-Huesca-Monasterio de San Juan de la Pena] Stgs 1-7                    

       Short Codes: CdSCF0285-0291

06)  Ruta del Ebro [Delta-Tortosa-Pina de Ebro-Logrono] Stgs 1-17      Total distance c. 467.2 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0254-0271

07)  Ruta del Cister Stages 1-5                                                              Total distance c. 104.4 km

       Short Codes: CdSCF0948-51



France: Chemins de St Jacques


01) Via Francigena [NW France] Stages 1-9                                          Total distance c. 243.4 km

      Short Codes:  CdSCF0143, 0372-0379

02) GR655 [North] Seraucourt-Paris Stages 1-5 [+ 5 variants]               Total distance c. 149.9 km + 223.5 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0380-0389

03) GR655 [West] Paris-Chartres-Tours Stages 1-12                            Total distance c. 243.7 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0401-0412

04) GR655 [East] Paris-Orleans-Tours Stages 1-11                               Total distance c. 365.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0435-0446

05) GR655 [South] Tours-Bordeaux-St Jean Pied de Port Stages 1-22 Total distance c. 731.7 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0413-0434

06) Via Podiensis [West] Figeac-Gourdon-La Romieu Stages 1-7         Total distance c. 282.7 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0512-0518

07) Via Podiensis [East] Figeac-Cahors-La Romieu Stages 1-5             Total distance c. 234.5 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0519-0523

08) Via Podiensis [South] La Romieu-Ostabat Stage 1-6                       Total distance c. 234.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0524-0528

09) Via Podiensis [North] Le Puy-en-Velay – Figeac Stage 1-6              Total distance c. 256.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0529-0534

10) GR652 Laroquebrou-Rocamadour Stages 1-2                                 Total distance c. 105.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0535-0536

11) GR65 Geneva-Le Puy-en-Velay                                                       Total distance c. 355.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0537-0544

12) Via Normande Dieppe-Rouen-Le Mont St Michel Stage 1-15          Total distance c. 484.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0609-0623

13) Via Bretonne Le Mont-St-Michel-Rennes-Nantes Stage 1-7            Total distance c. 438.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0624-0630

14) Via Ligerienne Nantes-Niort Stage 1-6                                             Total distance c. 256.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0631-0636

15) Via Meridienne Caen-Le Mans-Niort-Aulnay Stages 1-22                Total distance c. 727.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0638-0662

16) Chemin de la Manche Dieppe-Etretat-Honfleur-Caen Stages 1-13 Total distance c. 408.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0663-0673, 0622, 0623

17) Via Lemovicensis [North] Auxerre-St Astier Stages 1-22                  Total distance c. 821.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0675-0696

18) Via Lemovicensis [East] St Astier-Montreal Stages 1-7                    Total distance c. 243.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0696-0703

19) Via Lemovicensis [West] St Astier-Roquefort-St Palais Stages 1-10 Total distance c. 364.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0704-0713

20) Via Tolosana Arles-Oloron Ste Marie Stages 1-21 [+1 variant]        Total distance c. 752.5 km + 17.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0714-0735

21) GRP Coeur de Gascogne Lectoure-Auch-La Romieu Stages 1-6    Total distance c. 161.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0736-0741

22) Via Aurelia Menton-Frejus- Aix-en-Provence – Arles Stages 1-11   Total distance c. 340.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0773-0783

23) Via Francigena [NE France] Seraucourt-Ste Croix Stages 1-22       Total distance c. 670.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0842-0863

24) Chemin de Chablis: Brienne-Chablis-Auxerre Stages 1-6                Total distance c. 165.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0864-0869

25) GR5/E2 Long Distance Path [France] Dudelange-Nice Stages 1-43 Total distance c. 1521.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0870-0913

26) Via Campaniensis Rocroi-Brienne-Chablis-Auxerre Stages 1-17     Total distance c. 541.0 km

      Short Codes CdSCF0944-0947

27) Champagne Way Rocroi-Reims-Troyes-Cravant Stages 1-10         Total distance c. 358.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0963-0972



Germany, Switzerland and Italy


01) Via Jacobi Stages 1-9  Einsiedeln-Geneva                                      Total distance c. 350.1 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0546-0554

02) Schwabenweg Stages 1-4  Konstanz-Einsiedeln                             Total distance c. 89.7 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF00555-0558

03) Oberschwäbischer Jakobsweg Stages 1-5  Ulm-Konstanz              Total distance c. 166.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0559-0563

04) Fränkisch-Schwäbischer Jakobsweg Stages 1-9  Würzburg-Ulm    Total distance c. 264.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0564-0572

05) Unterfränkischer Jakobsweg Stages 1-4  Fulda-Würzburg              Total distance c. 154.1 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0573-0576

06) Via Regia [West] Stages 1-7   Leipzig-Vacha                                   Total distance c. 240.5 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0577-0583

07) Fuldaerland Jakobsweg Stages 1-2  Vacha-Fulda                           Total distance c. 61.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0584-0585

08) Leipzigerweg Stages 1-5  Berlin-Leipzig                                          Total distance c. 205.7 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0586-0590

09) St Gallerweg Stages 1-4  Bregenz-Rapperswil                                Total distance c. 103 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0591-0594

10) Via Francigena [Lazio] Rome-Acquapendente Stages 1-6               Total distance c. 166.9 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0784-0789

11) Via Francigena [Tuscany] Radicofani-Massa Stages 1-12               Total distance c. 379.9 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0790-0799, 0824-5

12) Via Aurelia [Liguria] Sarzana-Genoa-Menton Stages 1-12               Total distance c. 357.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0800-0811

13) Via Francigena [Emilia-Romagna] Miradolo Terme-Pontremoli        Total distance c. 191.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0819-0823

14) Via Francigena [Lombardy] Vercelli-Pavia-Miradolo Terme             Total distance c. 118.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0826-0829

15) Via Francigena [Piedmont] San Bernardo-Aosta-Vercelli                 Total distance c. 185.7 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0830-0834

16) Via Francigena [Swiss] Sainte Croix–Lausanne-San Bernardo        Total distance c. 208.0 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0835-0841



Great Britain:


01) Pilgrim’s Trail Stages 1-2                                                                  Total distance c. 54.8 km

      Short Codes:  CdSCF0129-0130

02) Pilgrim’s Way Stages 1-10 [+ 1 variant]                                            Total distance c. 287.6 km + 43.4 km

      Short Codes:  CdSCF0118-0128

03) Norfolk Coastal Path Stages 1-5                                                      Total distance c. 77.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0363-0367

04) South Downs Way Circulars 12 Individual Walks                             Total distance c. 104.9 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0361-2, 0370-1, 0390-3, 0637, 0645, 0674, 0812

05) Weavers’ Way Stages 1-4                                                                Total distance c. 103.1 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0453-0456

06) Wherryman’s Way Stages 1-2                                                          Total distance c. 60.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0457-0458

07) Angles Way Stages 1-4                                                                    Total distance c. 154.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0460-0463

08) Peddars Way Stages 1-2                                                                  Total distance c. 78.9 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0464-0465

09) Pennine Way Stages 1-12                                                                Total distance c. 427.9 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0466-0477

10) E2 European Long-Distance Path [Northern Link] Stages 1-4          Total distance c. 152.5 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0478-0481

11) Heart of England Way Stages 1-5                                                    Total distance c. 169.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0482-0486

12) E2 European Long-Distance Path [Southern Link] Stages 1-7         Total distance c. 236.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0487-0493

13) E2 European Long-Distance Path [Scotland] Stages 1-8                 Total distance c. 316.5 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0498-0505

14) Oxbridge Varsity Link Stages 1-6                                                     Total distance c. 211.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0506-0511

15) Bridge to Norwich Stages 1-5                                                           Total distance c. 150.0 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0604-0608

16) Monarch’s Way Worcester-Bristol-Brighton-Shoreham Stages 1-36 Total distance c. 969.4 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0973-1008

17) Downs Link Guildford-Cranleigh – Shoreham-by-Sea Stages 1-4    Total distance c. 63.0 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF1008-1012

18) West Sussex Literary Trail Horsham-Chichester Stages 1-6            Total distance c. 79.6 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF1013-18





01) Caminho de Fatima  Lisbon-Santarem-Fatima-Ansiao Stages 1-7   Total distance c. 213.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0742-0748

02) Caminho Portugues: Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto-Santiago Stages 1-21 Total distance c. 611.2 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0742-0745, CdSCF0749-0765

03) Caminho da Costa Porto-Vigo-Santiago de Compostela Stage 1-7 Total distance c. 194.8 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0766-0772


Belgium & Luxembourg:


01) GR5 Peterskirche-Echternach-Remich-Dudelange Stages 1-6        Total distance c. 204.1 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0914-0919

02) GR5 Essen-Grobbendonk-Maastricht-Peterskirche Stages 1-15     Total distance c. 394.3 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0920-0934

03) GR5A Ostend-Bruges-Antwerp-Grobbendonk Stages 1-6                Total distance c. 231.0 km

      Short Codes: CdSCF0935-0940