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Camino Mozárabe

From Granada or Jaén

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14 + 2 Stages [404km + 45km]


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Stages 1-9

Stages 10-14 & 2a-3a


Stage 01


Stage 07  Córdoba-Cerro Muriano Stage 13  Campanario-Medellín
Stage 02  Moclín-Alcalá la Real Stage 08  Cerro Muriano-Villaharta Stage 14


Stage 03  Alcalá la Real-Alcaudete Stage 09  Villaharta-Alcaracejos    
Stage 04


Stage 10  Alcaracejos-Hinojosa   From Jaén:
Stage 05  Baena-Castro del Río Stage 11  Hinojosa-Monterrubio Stage 02a Jaén-Martos
Stage 06  Castro del Río-Córdoba Stage 12  Monterrubio-Campanario Stage 03a Martos-Alcaudete