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Camino del Sureste [from Alicante]

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Alicante-Albacete-Toledo-Ávila-Medina del Campo-Benavente


 27 Stages [805km]


The Camino del Sureste shares 10 of its stages with the Ruta de la Lana and the Camino de Levante.

Indeed, many consider the Sureste and Levante as variants of each other, leading some to interchange periodically between one camino and the other.

Alternatively, others walk both caminos between common waypoints in order to be able to compare and contrast them.


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Stages 1-9

Stages 10-18 Stages 19-27


Stage 01 Alicante-Novelda Stage 10 El Provencio-Las Mesas Stage 19 Cadalso-Cebreros
Stage 02 Novelda-Villena Stage 11 Las Mesas-El Toboso Stage 20  Cebreros-Ávila
Stage 03 Villena-Yecla

Stage 12

El Toboso-La Villa de Don Fadrique Stage 21  Ávila-Hernansancho
Stage 04 Yecla-Montealegre del Castillo Stage 13 La Villa de Don Fadrique-Tembleque Stage 22  Hernansancho-Arévalo
Stage 05 Montealegre del Castillo-Pétrola Stage 14 Tembleque-Almonacid de Toledo Stage 23  Arévalo-Medina del Campo
Stage 06 Pétrola-Albacete Stage 15 Almonacid de Toledo-Toledo Stage 24 Medina del Campo-Tordesillas
Stage 07 Albacete-La Roda Stage 16 Toledo-Novés Stage 25 Tordesillas-Mota del Marqués
Stage 08 La Roda-San Clemente

Stage 17

Novés-Escalona Stage 26 Mota del Marqués-Villalpando
Stage 09 Minaya-El Provencio Stage 18 Escalona-Cadalso de los Vidrios Stage 27 Villalpando-Benavente