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Via Turonensis

GR655 [South]

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Tours - Bordeaux - St-Jean-Pied-de-Port


22 Stages [732km]


West   East


Part of the Berliner Jakobsweg 100 Stages [3372km] Berlin-Geneva-Cahors-Pamplona-Santiago de Compostela

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Part of the Camino Britannica 89 Stages [3157km] Portsmouth-Paris-Pamplona-Santiago de Compostela

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Stages 1-7

Stages 8-14

Stages 15-22


Stage 01

 Tours-St Catherine

Stage 08  Aulnay-St Jean d'Angély Stage 15  Bordeaux-Le Barp

Stage 02

 St Catherine-St Avant

Stage 09

 St Jean d'Angély-Saintes

Stage 16  Le Barp-Le Muret
Stage 03  St Avant-Châtellerault

Stage 10


Stage 17

 Le Muret-Labouheyre

Stage 04  Châtellerault-Poitiers Stage 11  Pons-Mirambeau

Stage 18

 Labouheyre - Onesse-Laharie

Stage 05  Poitiers-Lusignan Stage 12  Mirambeau-Blaye Stage 19  Onesse-Laharie - Dax
Stage 06  Lusignan-Melle Stage 13  Blaye-Le Pian-Médoc Stage 20  Dax-Peyrehorade
Stage 07  Melle-Aulnay Stage 14  Le Pian-Médoc - Bordeaux Stage 21  Peyrehorade-Ostabat
    Stage 22  Ostabat-St Jean Pied de Port