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Camino Francés

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St. Jean-Pied-de-Port - Pamplona - Burgos - León - Santiago de Compostela


30 Stages + 4 Variants

[766km + 137km]


Part of the Camino de Roma 98 Stages [3076km] Rome-Genoa-Arles-Pamplona-Santiago de Compostela

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Part of the Berliner Jakobsweg 100 Stages [3372km] Berlin-Geneva-Cahors-Pamplona-Santiago de Compostela

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Part of the Camino Britannica 89 Stages [3157km] Portsmouth-Paris-Pamplona-Santiago de Compostela

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Stages 1-11

Stages 12-22

Stages 23-30


Stage 01

 St Jean-Pied-De-Port - Roncesvalles

Stage 12  San Juan-Burgos Stage 22  Astorga-Rabanal
Stage 01b  St Jean-Pied-De-Port - Roncesvalles Stage 13  Burgos-Castrojeriz Stage 23  Rabanal-Ponferrada
Stage 02  Roncesvalles-Larrasoaña Stage 14  Castrojeriz-Frómista Stage 24  Ponferrada-Villafranca
Stage 03


Stage 15  Frómista-Carrión Stage 25  Villafranca-O Cebreiro
Stage 04  Pamplona-Puente La Reina Stage 16  Carrión-Sahagún Stage 26  O Cebreiro-Sarria
Stage 05

 Puente La Reina-Estella

Stage 17

 Sahagún-El Burgo Ranero Stage 26b  Triacastela-Sarria
Stage 06  Estella-Torres del Río

Stage 17b

 Sahagún-Mansilla Stage 27  Sarria-Portomarín
Stage 07  Torres del Río-Logroño Stage 18  El Burgo Ranero-Mansilla Stage 28  Portomarín-Palas de Rei
Stage 08  Logroño-Nájera Stage 19  Mansilla-León Stage 29  Palas de Rei-Arzúa
Stage 09  Nájera-Santo Domingo Stage 20  León-Villadangos Stage 30  Arzúa-Santiago de Compostela
Stage 10 Santo Domingo-Belorado Stage 20b  León-Astorga    
Stage 11  Belorado-San Juan Stage 21  Villadangos-Astorga