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Camino a Finisterre/Muxia

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Santiago de Compostela-Finisterre-Muxia-Santiago de Compostela


5 Stages [147km]


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Stage 01

 Santiago de Compostela-Negreira

Stage 03


Stage 05


Stage 02


Stage 04





N.B. Three 'Certificates of Completion' are available for this route


Firstly, as with any camino, you will need to get a Camino Passport (a Credencial) in this case from the Galician Tourist Office, Rua Vilar in Santiago de Compostela.


If you get your passport stamped by businesses, accommodation, etc. you use along the camino to Finisterre, you will be eligible for a Fisterana certificate. This is issued by the Concello de Fisterra and is available from the Municipal Albergue.


If you continue to Muxia, ensuring you get your Credencial stamped as many times as possible but absolutely essentially in Santo Estevo de Lires (roughly halfway up the coast), you will be eligible for a Muxiana certificate, also available from the Municipal Albergue.


If you then return to Santiago de Compostela, you should be eligible for a full-blown Compostela certificate as you will have walked more than the minimum qualification distance of 100km. These are available from the Pilgrim's Office in Rua das Carretas, 33.


For stage-by-stage (and often village-by-village) details on local accommodation,

services and facilities click on the relevant stage Learn More link.


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Stage 01: Santiago de Compostela-Negreira

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Stage 02: Negreira-Olveiroa

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Stage 03: Olveiroa-Fisterra

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Stage 04: Olveiroa-Muxia

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Stage 05: Fisterra-Muxia

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