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Caminho Nascente

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Tavira-Mértola-Évora-Estremoz-Nisa-Castelo Branco-Belmonte-Guarda-Trancoso


24 Stages [673km]


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Stages 1-8

Stages 9-16

Stages 17-24


Stage 01

Tavira-St António

Stage 09

Viana do Alentejo-Évora

Stage 17

Nisa-Vila Velha de Rodão
Stage 02

St António


Stage 10


-São Miguel de Machede

Stage 18

Vila Velha de Rodão

-Castelo Branco

Stage 03


Stage 11

São Miguel de Machede-Evoramonte

Stage 19

Castelo Branco-Castelo Novo

Stage 04


Stage 12


Stage 20

Castelo Novo-Fundão

Stage 05 Mértola-Amendoeira Stage 13


Stage 21


Stage 06 Amendoeira-Beja Stage 14

Fronteira-Alter do Chão

Stage 22


Stage 07


Stage 15

Alter do Chão-Crato

Stage 23

Guarda-Celorico da Beira

Stage 08

Cuba-Viana do Alentejo

Stage 16


Stage 24

Celorico da Beira-Trancoso


The Caminho Nascente (or Way of the East) shares its first four stages and three others

with the Caminho do Este (or Way of the East)!

However, unlike its namesake, this camino is much more hiker-friendly.

Why not try a mixture of the two?