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Grande Randonnée GR5 [Belgium]

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15 Stages [394km]


Part of the E2 European Long Distance Path 110 Stages [3793km] Stranraer-Antwerp-Nice

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Stages 1-9

Stages 10-15


Stage 01 Essen-Brecht Stage 06 Hasselt-Genk Stage 11 Banneux-Spa
Stage 02 Brecht-Grobbendonk Stage 07 Genk-Maastricht Stage 12 Spa-Stavelot
Stage 03 Grobbendonk-Westerlo Stage 08 Maastricht-Visé Stage 13 Stavelot-Vielsalm
Stage 04 Westerlo-Diest Stage 09 Visé-Soumagne Stage 14 Vielsalm - Burg-Reuland
Stage 05 Diest-Hasselt Stage 10 Soumagne-Banneux Stage 15 Burg-Reuland - Peterskirche