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Camino Viejo/Camino Olvidado

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18 Stages [466km]


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Stages 1-9

Stages 10-18


Stage 01


 Stage 07

 Olea-Aguilar de Campoo

Stage 13

 Boñar-La Robla

Stage 02

 Güeñes-Nava de Mena

Stage 08

 Aguilar de Campoo-Cervera

Stage 14

 La Robla-Pandorado

Stage 03

 Nava de Mena-Espinosa

Stage 09


Stage 15


Stage 04


Stage 10

 Guardo-Puente Almuhey

Stage 16


Stage 05


Stage 11

 Punte Almuhey-Cistierna

Stage 17


Stage 06


Stage 12


Stage 18