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Camino de la Vera Cruz

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Murcia-Caravaca de la Cruz-Teruel-Calatayud-Pamplona-St Jean Pied-de-Port


23 Stages [612km]


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Stages 1-8

Stages 9-16

Stages 17-23


Stage 01 Murcia-Mula Stage 09 Garaballa-Ademuz Stage 17 Tarazona-Tudela
Stage 02 Mula-Caravaca de la Cruz Stage 10 Ademuz-Teruel Stage 18 Tudela-Villafranca
Stage 03 Caravaca de la Cruz-Calasparra Stage 11 Teruel-Camañas Stage 19 Villafranca-Artajona
Stage 04 Calasparra-Jumilla Stage 12 Camañas-Calamocha Stage 20 Artajona-Pamplona
Stage 05 Jumilla-Montealegre del Castillo Stage 13 Calamocha-Daroca Stage 21 Pamplona-Larrasoaña
Stage 06 Montealegre del Castillo-Alcalá de Júcar Stage 14 Daroca-Calatayud Stage 22 Larrasoaña-Roncesvalles
Stage 07 Alcalá de Júcar-Venta del Moro Stage 15 Calatayud-Tierga Stage 23 Roncesvalles-St Jean Pied de Port
Stage 08 Venta del Moro-Garaballa Stage 16 Tierga-Tarazona  

This camino could be tackled in either a South-North or North-South direction.

South-North, it starts in Murcia, heads across to Caravaca de la Cruz...the 5th most holy site in the catholic Christian world...before heading North and, eventually, joining the Camino Frances at Puente de la Reina (Stage 20) and continuing on to Santiago de Compostela.

North-South, it starts on the French/Spanish border at St Jean Pied de Port/Roncesvalles and heads effectively due South to Caravaca de la Cruz whose castle and basilica contain numerous religious artefacts, not least the eponymous "True Cross".

In either direction, this camino crosses at least a dozen other major caminos including the Rutas del Ebro, de la Lana and del Argar; and Caminos Soriano, Sagunto, del Cid, Santo Grial, Levante, Sureste and Cartagena.