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Camino del Norte

a.k.a. The Camino de la Costa

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Irun-San Sebastián-Bilbao-Gijón/Oviedo-Arzúa


33 Stages + 18 Variants [779km + 503km]


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Stages 1-12c

Stages 13-23b Stages 23c-33b


Stage 01  Irun-San Sebastián Stage 13b Pedreña-Peñacastillo Stage 23c  Gijón-Avilés
Stage 02  San Sebastián-Zarautz Stage 14  Santander-Santillana del Mar Stage 24  Avilés-Soto de Luiña
Stage 03  Zarautz-Deba Stage 14b  Oruña de Piélagos -Requejada Stage 25  Soto de Luiña-Luarca
Stage 04  Deba-Markina Stage 15  Santillana del Mar-Comillas Stage 25b  Soto de Luiña-Luarca
Stage 05  Markina-Gernika Stage 15b  Santillana del Mar-Comillas Stage 25c  Soto de Luiña-Luarca
Stage 06  Gernika-Lezama Stage 16  Comillas-Colombres Stage 26  Luarca-Navia
Stage 07  Lezama-Bilbao

Stage 17

 Colombres-Llanes Stage 27  Navia-Ribadeo
Stage 08  Bilbao-Portugalete Stage 18  Llanes-Ribadesella Stage 27b  Porcia-Ribadeo
Stage 09  Portugalete-Castro Urdiales Stage 19  Ribadesella-Colunga Stage 28  Ribadeo-Lourenzá
Stage 10  Castro Urdiales-Rioseco Stage 20  Colunga-Villaviciosa Stage 28b  Ribadeo-As Catedrais-Lourenzá
Stage 11  Rioseco-Santoña Stage 21  Villaviciosa-La Vega Stage 28c  Ribadeo-Lourenzá
Stage 11b  Laredo-Santoña Stage 21b  Villaviciosa-Gijón Stage 29  Lourenzá-Gontán
Stage 11c  Rioseco-Santoña Stage 21c  Villaviciosa-Gijón Stage 30  Gontán-Vilalba
Stage 12  Santoña-Galizano Stage 21d  Villaviciosa-Gijón Stage 31  Vilalba-Baamonde
Stage 12b  Santoña-Galizano Stage 22  La Vega-Oviedo Stage 32  Baamonde-Sobrado
Stage 12c  Santoña-Galizano Stage 23  Oviedo-Avilés Stage 33  Sobrado-Arzúa
Stage 13  Galizano-Santander Stage 23b  Gijón-Avilés Stage 33b Gándara-A Brea